#urbanism ❤️🌆🚊🚍 (at Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane)

Brisbane’s Busways are a fantastic piece of urban infrastructure. Give yourself a briefing on Wikipedia


The city as an egg by Cedric Price.

"Cedric Price, in his analogy of the city as an egg, describes the ancient city as a boiled egg, still encased in its shell, alluding to the organisational structure of a nucleus within a perimeter wall. The industrialised cities of the 17th to 19th centuries were analogised as a sunny-side-up — a clear centre and a more fluid periphery. And Price sees the modern city as akin to a scrambled egg, without a clear organisational structure.”

Quick! Somebody please get this one down: roasted almonds, blueberries, peanut butter, brown sugar.


Self-Protection on a Cycle – How you may Best Defend Yourself when Attacked by Modern Highwaymen, Showing how you should Act when Menaced by Footpads, when Chased by another Cyclist, and when Attacked under various other Circumstances; showing, also, how the Cycle may be used as a Weapon

by Marcus Tindal

in: Pearson’s Magazine, v.5 no.4, April 1901


Adobe Summit – Event Visuals by Studio Vasava and Steve Gustavson