I’m pretty certain the normal clothed bicyclists outnumbered the lycra clad on my ride into downtown Brisbanehagen just now #bne #brisbane #bike

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to my home town and I’d love to squeeze in a quick visit to see the family dog and also the family.

Please let me know if you know of anyone that may be travelling between:
Brisbane -> Port Macquarie 24th Feb
Port Macquarie -> Brisbane 1st March

I’m pretty good at doing road trips and I’ll chip in for petrol. Thank you!

#Brisbane #PortMacquarie #thenewwaytohitchhike

Things you see in West End. #brisbane

Another example of Brisbane’s great “network” of cycling infrastructure. This is the first time I’ve seen that it hasn’t had cars parked in it. #activetransport #brisbane

Brace yourselves. The double rainbow Instagrams are coming. #brisbane

I’d just like to thank you and your unreliable technology for all the free trips you’ve provided me over the past few years. Keep up the ordinary work translink! #brisbane

Judging by all the cars parked in the area, Brisbane’s Green Heart Festival looks to be a great success.
Thanks for the free energy saving power board! #brisbane (at Chermside)

Take caution for a possibly a horse on the loose in the Brisbane CBD #horseshit #ormaybeagiantdogidontknow #brisbane

#nofilter #brisbane #isnice #procrastography (at Bicentennial Bikeway)